Meltage, Wirral - Massage for ALL

If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation and a healthier you - look no further.  I believe in focusing on the whole person when assessing a client for treatment.  Many come with an ache here or a pain there.  I believe the body needs to be in total balance and harmony. This is known as Synergy.  All treatments focus on the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  Often clients will say "I only have pain in my ..."  I gently explain the complexity of the muscle structure.  A pain in one area may well be caused by muscle strain, nowhere near the pain.  Similarly,  when  a muscle is damaged the surrounding and supporting muscles go into compensatory and defensive mode, often causing problems in other areas. I generally recommend a ninety minute full body treatment,  allowing me to restore the body to balanced equilibrium.  A series of treatments many be necessary for more deepset issues. Shorter treatments are available if you are pushed for time. The Meltage treatment room is quiet and relaxing.  A heated luxury couch ensures your comfort. Gentle music, aromatherapy oils and candles may be used to create the right ambience, enabling you to switch off,  escape and be renewed. Come along and put some harmony back in your life.  

Meltage, Wirral - Waxing for Men

The 21st century hails a welcome change to the world of beauty, now welcoming guys with open arms.  It is no longer frowned upon for guys to pluck and preen.  Sadly many of the environments where such treatments are delivered, still pamper to the female audience.  I personally dread going into a beauty salon.  It took me many years to cope with a unisex hair salon.  Meltage has created an environment with men in mind.  The treatment room is discreet and private at the rear of my home.  I can accommodate the majority of requests for hair removal from toes to backs, to the more intimate areas.  If you want it plucking I am here with my wax pots at the ready.  I don't currently do eyebrows.  Two issues with waxing that come up over and over again - the embarrassment and pain. Sadly I cannot eliminate either.  I will however do my best to ensure you are comfortable, minimizing pain and embarrassment.  I use a French wax from Perron Rigot, which ensures clean removal with minimum pain.  The wax used for intimate areas shrink wraps onto the hair, giving a clean first swipe removal.  If you're really nervous why not give me a call and arrange a patch test. This is the removal of one strip of hair.
An on-line booking system shows clearly when Peter is available enabling you to select and book your appointment.